Introducing gps Global Print SolutionsTM


Griffin Press has teamed with market leaders in digital technology across the globe to offer a unique service that will reduce costs and save time on fulfilling international book sales.

These are challenging times for the print and publishing industries. Reducing time to market, reducing shipping costs and reducing inventory - to free up working capital and minimise exposure to write-off - have never been more important. 

The ability to intelligently manage the global distribution of any stock, fundamentally changes the old publishing business models.  New technologies and systems, including Print on Demand allows publishers to take payment for product in advance of manufacturing, thus guaranteeing a sale without return, without risk to over stock. 

Print on Demand itself is not new; the benefits of reduced inventory made possible by Print on Demand have been available for some time. But our new partnership with other global leaders in print solutions means we can work together to provide a new world of possibilities.

Using gps Global Print SolutionsTM, publishers can seamlessly order their own content for manufacture - in Australia, Europe, North America or Asia - at a consistent unit price. Ordering in Australia and manufacturing near the end user means publishers can make significant savings in time and cost. Shipping costs are significantly reduced and simultaneous global publication is a reality. 

We believe gps Global Print SolutionsTM is the world's first truly integrated global manufacturing network.

The key benefits of gps are:

  • ‘Best of breed' suppliers - all partners are recognised and acknowledged as market leaders in digital technology within their given territory
  • Reduced inventory - freeing up working capital and minimising risk
  • Faster service for your customers - no need to ship overseas
  • Savings on transport costs - making the book near where it's needed
  • Maintain a unit cost of book irrespective of territory - makes budgeting and international transactions easier to account
  • Consistently high quality of product - all partners manufacture paperbacks, hardbacks, saddle-stitched and coil bound products to the same exacting standards

New gps has been developed in partnership with CPI in the United Kingdom and Germany, Edwards Brothers in the United States and Markono in Singapore. Each of these companies manufacture paperbacks, hardbacks, saddle-stitched and coil bound products to the same exacting standards, and are leaders in their territory - so consistently high quality is assured.

One order, one invoice, one file. Print locally. Reach globally.

Give Griffin Press your final digital file, and we can produce the quantity of books you want, where and when you need them.

Want to know more about gps or request a quote? Contact Griffin Press today on 1300 300 668, email us at or speak to your account manager for more information.