Environment Management System

At Griffin Press we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment.

Working together with accreditation bodies for paper and environment management systems requires a continual evaluation of our processes and practices. At Griffin Press we are pleased to be an FSC certified book printer. This accreditation schemes ensure that the paper we source is from forest managed through third party independent certification.

Our Salisbury South Australia site has been nominated as the lead ISO 14001 site for PMP’s 15 other printing plants as the entire group implements a wide-ranging program to achieve high levels of environmental sustainability. Documentation and systems developed by Griffin Press has been adopted by PMP’s other printing plants nationally.

As part of our Environment Management System development to an ISO 14001 accreditation, Griffin Press has joined the Zero Waste SA Resource Efficiency Assistance Programme (REAP). Zero Waste SA is a South Australian Government agency that advances improved waste management policies and the development of resource recovery and recycling.

A copy of our Environmental Policy can be read here.

If you'd like to know more about our activities to reduce our impact on the environment and our paper accreditation scheme's then please contact us.

8th February 2013 - Lloyds Audit results gave Griffin a green tick of approval