Paper Procurement

Griffin Press as a book industry stakeholder is focused on improving the environmental impacts of book production. We have made a conscious decision to ensure that the paper we purchase as far as reasonably practicable is not sourced from illegally harvested sources or from endangered or uncertified high conservation value forests.

As a company Griffin Press will (so far as is practical) purchase paper from suppliers who hold at least one of the
following certifications.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
or conform to the certification of country of origin eg:
Finnish Forest Certification Scheme (FFCS)
Australian Forestry Standard (AFS)

Paper suppliers will also be expected to operate an effective Environment Management System (EMS) with accreditation to the Environment Management Audit Scheme (EMAS), or ISO 14001, which includes chain of custody (COC) for the tracking of the timber used throughout their mills.

To support our procurement policy Griffin Press has achieved the following certifications; FSC and ISO 14001:2004.