Zero Waste Program

Zero Waste SA is a South Australian state government organisation with an important role to play in sustainability.

It promotes waste management practices that eliminate waste or its consignment to landfill. It also advances the development of resource recovery and recycling and advocates for improved waste management policies nationally.

Griffin Press  has joined the Zero Waste SA Resource Efficiency Assistance Programme (REAP), with an initial sustainability diagnostic benchmarking strengths and weaknesses in the company’s environmental management practices. Follow-up assessments track improvements.

Follow this link to a news article where Zero Waste SA, Griffin Press and the Adelaide Hilton combined forces to make use of waste for the benefit of the environment.

Follow this link to a Fact Sheet about Zero Waste SA and Griffin Press.

UPDATE 4th November 2011 - Griffin Press has received the Zero Waste SA Improved Resource Efficiency award at the SA PICA awards evening held in Adelaide, a terrific result and reward for the dedication to our Environment Program

Tawni Jones, Zero Waste SA presented the Zero Waste SA Improved Resource Efficiency Award to Keith Fulton, Griffin Press with Julia Morris MC.