Digital Printing

With unpredictable demand digital print provides the means to print what you need rather than printing to drive a unit cost down. Our business has been built to enable you to print what you need when you need it.

Digital print means not having to let a title go out of print. You can create and manage a print-on-demand list, we can even send the finished product direct to the person who ordered it, eliminating double and triple handling and the associated costs. You can bring books back to life in a print-on-demand environment.

But digital print doesn't mean print-on-demand, we also use the digital print environment for short run digital printing for quantities 100 or more, dependant upon what you need and can turn over in a short time frame. This is an affordable way to manage reprints of slower moving titles.

Griffin operates a specialised digital print environment which significantly reduces the cost of digital print with automated paper feeding, cover feeding and inline binding, designed to reduce the cost of manufacture and make print-on-demand and short run digital print a manufacturing and distribution option for you.

Some of our successful major publishing clients are now releasing books in small numbers and then fulfilling orders from online bookstores on demand, with Griffin manufacturing and despatching to the end customer directly from that online bookstore order.

We’ve changed our business so now you can change yours too – think big and print small.