Why Griffin Press?

If you glance inside a novel today there's a good chance it will reveal the name Griffin. So it won't surprise you that we're the leader in the Australasian 'read for pleasure' book printing market. Whether you're producing just a few copies, a few thousand, or tens of thousands, we can provide you with an optimal mix of digital production and conventional print.

Formats? Stocks? Bindings? We've got you covered!

You can count on us to print your book, in whatever quantity you require.

As well as being the major supplier of read for pleasure book product to Australia's successful domestic publishers, Griffin also services a large number of UK publishers (we have a dedicated UK representative for that face to face interaction) and whilst we may be on the other side of the world in effect we're just on the other side of the street. Not only is it quick to print across the world, it's remarkably easy. We currently print large print runs for major UK publishing houses and print on demand for UK digital print houses where orders are destined for Australia or New Zealand.

With international standard book formats and paper stocks, if you wish, your books can be printed the same as there, with prepress services including dedicated FTP and computer-to-plate, plus our online ordering portal Griffin Gold, we make the process a very simple one.

By printing in Australia with Griffin Press you can hit the market earlier capitalising on your international launch activity. This will assist you to have tighter control and better management of your inventory, providing for you a significantly higher sell through ability which will help improve return on investment.

Griffin Press has a proven record of investment, innovation, speed to market and importantly reliability. We acknowledge that to stay relevant in this industry, we must be able to deliver industry best turn-around times, so our customers have the flexibility to serve the retail environment and shifting consumer expectations. To do this, Griffin’s investments have been focused on: 

• Fast cycle equipment• Internal contingency• Best practice certifications• Local source of paper• Capacity to outstrip demand• Digital workflows• Repeatability in quality • Exceptional customer service

Griffin's market leading solutions make print runs from 100 to a few thousand economical. Our solution allows publishers to print close to order and minimise inventory levels, a significant and positive impact on your business, Griffin has three key areas of manufacturing - Xerox Book Factory for Print on Demand (POD) (1-100), HP Inkjet with inline binding (100 - 2000 copies) and our young, modern, Timson book presses for larger print runs.  Explore our web site and learn more about Griffin Press, then contact us, we'll be happy to discuss your needs.