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At Griffin Press, we believe that it is our role to assist you with easy to understand answers to your book printing and publishing questions. This section, along with our other resources, is designed to do just that. If you can't find an answer here, please send us an email. We are endeavor to help you anyway we can.

What is Griffin Press?

Griffin Press is a mono web offset and digital book printer book printer. We print short runs in our digital print environment where we produce book formats up to sub A4 (290 x 205mm), in this environment we are a major supplier to the small and self publishing market along with educational publishers, whilst longer runs are produced through our offset book presses where we are mainly focused on the read for pleasure book market and standard book formats.

Can Griffin Press print in colour?

Yes, our sheet-fed presses are utilised for the production of either covers or colour illustration sections inserted into mono books, but if you have a short run book (under 1000 copies) with lots of colour then our digital environment might be for you, however we are not focused on full colour book production.

What can't Griffin Press quote on?

Griffin Press is specifically set up to produce longer run single colour books. There are numerous printed products such as Magazines, Newsletters, Flysheets, Posters, and Catalogues which we do not produce. Our digital print environment has greater flexibility but still focuses on books only. However, our parent company PMP Print may well be able to assist with such queries. 

What does suit Griffin Press production methods?

Any book that has a full colour cover and text pages printed in a single colour. However, there are limitations to minimum and maximum trim sizes that we are able to produce economically (see Standard Formats).

What is Griffin Digital?

Griffin Digital is the digital book printing arm of Griffin Press, able to produce very low print runs. Our digital print environment has been established to deliver Print-on-Demand book production and Short Run Digital Printing. We currently work with a number of local and UK companies to print direct to order and deliver to the end consumer, whilst a large number of customers from major publishing houses to small and self publishers utilise Griffin Digital for print runs as low as 50 copies of a book.

Can Griffin Press help me publish my book?

Unfortunately, we do not specialise in this field. You will need to contact a book publisher who will help you get to the next stage.

Can Griffin Press help me design my book?

Unfortunately, we do not specialise in this field either, we leave that to designers, there are a number of talented design houses that can help you out so check out our resource centre for contact details, whilst we don’t recommend one over the other we can tell you that they do know how to produce a file that we can go straight to print with.

Griffin Press printed a book a few years ago - can I get a copy of it from you?

We do not hold copies of books that we produce. You need to contact the publisher who will be able to help locate the title for you.