Digital Print Formats

In our digital environment we specialise in standard formats, but have greater flexibility and regularly produce books up to 290mm x 205mm (a slightly cut down A4 size) which provides some cost savings over true A4.

Other popular educational sizes we manufacture in digital are 250 x 175mm and A5 at 210mm x 148mm.

Digital Print Formats:

A Format        - 181 x 111mm
B Format        - 198 x 128mm
B+ Format      - 210 x 135mm
Demy Format  - 216 x 135mm
A5 Format      - 210 x 148mm
C Format       - 234 x 153mm
C+ Format     - 234 x 180mm
B5 Format      - 250 x 175mm 
Sub A4 Format - 290 x 205mm
A4 Format       - 297 x 210mm 

Other sizes can be accomodated. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.