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Why Griffin Press?

Griffin Press not only provides printing services for leading read for pleasure publishers, but we also extend our quality services to small and self publishers - whether you're printing 100 or 100,000 copies, Griffin Press can help. We recognise the importance of getting the correct advice and assistance so your book looks and feels as good as any of the books we produce for the major publishing houses in Australia and in the UK.

A look through just some of the success stories we have here on our website should convince you that it doesn't matter to us whether you're printing only a few copies, we are more than willing to assist you with your book product.

If you have chosen to self publish you will find that this can be a very rewarding experience. The combination of print technology at Griffin and the book industry experience of our sales and customer service team, will ensure you are happy with the final printed result. After all - no one knows more about book printing than us! This is why the majority of book publishers work with us, because we know books – inside and out.

Our resource centre provides information which is focussed to help you with correct file preparation and to make sure your book looks like a book in the eyes of the buying public and bookstores. After all, if they don’t think it’s worth picking up, your sales might not be what you hoped for (assuming you want to sell it that is!).