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Request a Quote

If you would like an instant quote from Griffin Press then this is the form for you. At the end of this process you will have a price that you can choose to accept, you can then upload your book files, pay the quoted value and lets get your book underway! - A copy of the quote will be emailed to you for your records as well.

We reckon the pricing generated here in our online quoted price is pretty good. Should you wish to expand upon the quotes provided here with other variations then please note that offline quotes prepared by our sales and estimating department carry a higher cost rate and will be more expensive than the quotes you can generate here.

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Step 1 of 8 ─ Job Details

Step 2 of 8 ─ The Main Body Text (how many pages?)

You will need to supply Griffin Press with a single Print ready pdf for the text – see our resource centre and the section on file preparation and file naming

  • In black ink throughout no bleeding image

The Main Body Text

The Text is the main body of your book. To calculate the page extent of your book you need to include all text elements (front matter, body text and end matter) Your page extent should be an even number and to use this form a multiple of 16pp.

Step 3 of 8 ─ Cover Printing and Cover Finishing


Cover Printing and Cover Finish

We have a great section on our website about designing your cover which you might find useful.

You will need to supply Griffin Press with a Print ready pdf for the cover – see our resource centre and the section on file preparation and file naming

Digital colour covers referred to as 1 col = black only, 4 col = 4c process (CMYK)

Step 4 of 8 ─ Binding - paperback (limp)

  • Perfect bound, square back, trimmed flush


Our resource centre has some photo’s showing you how we bind a perfect bound book Griffin Press specialises in perfect bound hardbacks (Cased) books, if you require a hardback quotation please contact our sales team via email at and we will make contact with you to discuss your requirements.

Step 5 of 8 ─ Packing and Unloading


Packing & Unloading

Griffin Press will pack your books into cartons, and bulk pack them on pallets. Please advise us how we will need to unload your books when they reach their final destination by choosing from the options provided.

Step 6 of 8 ─ Any specifications not covered?

  • If this form isn't covering your requirements then try our more detailed quote form and one of our sales team will send you a quote

Step 7 of 8 ─ When would you like your book?

  • Griffin Press will aim to meet your required delivery date, however we cannot confirm
    this date until the sighting of materials.

Step 8 of 8 ─ Your Details

  • Note: If you are shipping it cannot be to a PO Box
  • Australia

Entering your details

Your name and contact details must be entered to ensure we have contact throughout the publishing process