About Us


At Griffin Press, we love books.

Since 1858 we’ve helped emerging and established authors add to the richness of a global book industry for all readers.

We can produce just a few copies, a few thousand, or tens of thousands of books in a single run and provide the perfect mix of digital production and conventional print.

Our team works in partnership with you to produce new titles and re-prints of which you can be proud. 

We create paperbacks, hardbacks, magazines and other commercial style materials. Plus we're part of a global network giving you the opportunity to print your book in the part of the world where readers will enjoy it. 

Meet our parents

Griffin Press is part of Ovato, a large publicly listed print media and marketing services giant. We’re stronger, financially robust and more than just a book printer based in South Australia.

We’re part a nationwide group committed to putting customers first, investing in new technologies, providing more added services and bulk paper buying power.

We provide surety of supply and deliver a consistent, high-quality product. Our international network also helps deliver freight savings when you need your book in other parts of the world. 

Services beyond print

At Griffin Press, we think the next piece of the puzzle is to let as many people as possible know about hot new books and we think technology is the answer to delivering a creative solution for commercial and educational gains.

Being part of Ovato allows us to offer a true one-stop-shop solution for customers from production and distribution to communication campaigns, promotions and reporting.

For example, Australian Book Retailer of the Year Booktopia communicates with its customers using the Ovato-owned marketing automation platform, TractionNext.

Using TractionNext, Booktopia knows exactly who their buyers are with detailed profiling, customer journey mapping and various data points that help the organisation send content and offers that match the customer’s wants and preferences.

Meanwhile, Ovato's Creative Services division is standing by to support you with cover design, typesetting and e-book creation and other services. Our teams operate 24 hours a day in Australia and within our offshore production facility in Chennai to guarantee speed to market and cost-effective solutions.

For more information please contact us.

Our credentials

GPS (Global Print Solutions)

We have a long-term relationship with CPI in the U.K. which deliver many benefits to our European publishing customers. They can get key titles to market quickly, access and manage files or easily resolve production issues to minimise variations in international paper formats. In 2010, we formalised our digital print relationship with CPI and launched Global Print Solutions (GPS) alongside Edwards Brothers U.S.A. and Markono in Singapore.

The GPS service allows orders for print on demand titles and ultra-short quantities to be manufactured in the closest site to the end customer.


At Griffin Press we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment.

We are an FSC ® certified book printer and our Salisbury South Australia site has been nominated as the lead ISO 14001 site for Ovato’s 15 other printing plants. As part of our Environment Management System development to an ISO 14001 accreditation, Griffin Press has joined the Zero Waste SA Resource Efficiency Assistance Programme (REAP). Zero Waste SA is a South Australian Government agency that advances improved waste management policies and the development of resource recovery and recycling.

Read our Environmental Policy.