Products & Services


Web offset printing

Suitable for print runs of more than 1,000 copies. Our web presses are mono (black and white). Full colour, high quality illustration, printed sections are available via our sheet-fed press for inserting into finished books.


Digital printing

We operate a specialised digital print environment, designed for printing-on-demand or short run manufacturing option for you. Our Indigo 10000 is the most efficient cover press in the world.


Print on demand

We provide the flexibility to print smaller, quicker runs to cover immediate orders, rather than having to process large forcecasted orders.



Create unique personalised versions of your book for your readers. We can insert variable content on the cover and throughout copies of your book to engage your audiences on a whole new level.


Specialised binding

We have a full range of binding capabilities including cased, perfect, burst, spiral and saddle-stitching. 



Whether it is across the street, country or globe, through our large distribution network we can ensure that your book arrives at its destination on time.



We can support you with cover design, typesetting, e-book creation and so much more. Our global teams operate 24 hours a day to guarantee speed to market and cost-effective solutions.

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Inventory management

We can assist in managing a tailored inventory solution to meet your requirements and ensure that items are available when they are needed.

Services beyond print

At Griffin Press, we think the next piece of the puzzle is to let as many people as possible know about hot new books and we think technology is the answer to delivering a creative solution for commercial and educational gains.

Being part of Ovato allows us to offer a true one-stop-shop solution for customers from production and distribution to communication campaigns, promotions and reporting.

For example, Australian Book Retailer of the Year Booktopia communicates with its customers using the Ovato-owned marketing automation company, Traction Digital.

Using Traction Digital, Booktopia knows exactly who their buyers are with detailed profiling, customer journey mapping and various data points that help the organisation send content and offers that match the customer’s wants and preferences.

Meanwhile, Ovato’s production powerhouse SBM is standing by to support you with cover design, typesetting and e-book creation and other services. Our teams operate 24 hours a day in Australia and within our offshore production facility in Chennai to guarantee speed to market and cost-effective solutions.

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