[VIDEO] The Amazon Effect

PMP’s Griffin Press held an event in Sydney, to lead discussions about The Amazon Effect for local retailers and publishers..

Top executives from Australia’s publishers gathered to discuss what the arrival of Amazon could mean for our local sector, which is more than a mere economic instrument.

These people form the pointy end of an industry that nurtures and produces work vital to our national cultural identity. And they aren’t about to keep a business-as-usual attitude as Amazon arrives in Australia.

Panellists included innovation leader and retail analyst John Batistich, media disruption leader Eric Beecher of Private Media, online retail guru Tony Nash of Booktopia, and retail book expert David Gaunt from GleeBooks.

Ben Shipley, Managing Director of Spectrum Group, moderated the event and probed panellists about their fears, hopes and plans around the arrival of Amazon to Australia.

Or see the extended version here.

Ben Hannan